Reef Leather are producing the finest crocodilian products available reputed by international authorities as the best available anywhere in the world

Reef Leather’s high quality hides are sourced only form environmentally friendly and ecologically sustainable crocodile farms. This family owned, Cairns based manufacturing plant produces the highest quality products which have been expertly manufactured to the highest quality standards.

We make the world famous “hornback” crocodile leather belts right here in Cairns.

This world-famous crocodile leather producer has had its origins from the sea and comes with a thorough knowledge of the reptile and its global markets

1987 was a pivotal year for the Morris family when they made the transition as owner/skipper of their highly successful trawler operation, to this unique land based crocodile leather harvesting and manufacturing business.

Australian crocodiles are a common site along the coastline and have been a favourite of all local and international tourists visiting Cairns and The Great Barrier Reef. Identifying this need and to fulfil the desire to spend more quality time with family and friends Reef Leather was established to provide the finest quality crocodile leather products to the Cairns local, the Australian and the worldwide global markets.

Reef Leather has embraced the best taxidermy and tanning processes sourced from international experts in these fields. These techniques are evident in all of Reef Leather's fine products. Reef Leather's products have been expertly manufactured to the highest possible standard and are now being enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of Australian and international visitors who truly appreciate this fabulous “lifestyle enhancement.”

The world's only surviving dinosaur (Crocodylus Porosus) is a 100% protected species in Australia. This much-welcomed legislation protects the species from unsavoury practices that could endanger the reptile. All of Reef Leather's hides are obtained from certified Crocodile farms and Reef Leather's products are exported with a CITES permit and are ecological sustainable.

The products themselves have been designed and manufactured with the sole purpose of being enjoyed by those people who appreciate and share the passion of this fine quality leather.


As an Australian or International visitor to Cairns, a truly remarkable slice of paradise, there's never been a better time to invest in some of our fine crocodile leather products

Reef Leather's Master Craftsmen have designed, created and guaranteed the finest quality products.

Crocodile leather “horn back” belts, wallets, hatbands, wrist straps and crocodile tooth necklaces..

The best crocodile leather has been expertly reproduced into the finest crocodile leather products by our dedicated master craftsmen
who truly appreciate quality

Locally based in Cairns, Australia, We have been producing our world famous collection of crocodile leather products and offering these products to all travellers who appreciate the look, feel and aroma of a quality crocodile hide designed to improve their lifestyle.

Reef Leather's high grade pelts are expertly manufactured into the products available and are available exclusively from our online store.

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